Website Build Process

Here are the steps that guide the process to building your website for you.


1. Provide us with any branding, marketing, promotional, design and logo material you may already have. 50% initial deposit is required at this stage.

If you already have a brand, logo and colour scheme, we want to be able to fit the website into this overall brand strategy.
If you are starting from scratch, we can create a cohesive colour scheme for your website, and you can create a website header or logo that fits in.


2. Let us know what features you are wanting to incorporate into your website.

Do you want a front page slideshow?

Do you need to include social features to your site? (for example, twitter, facebook, G+)

Is Google Maps required?

Is  your website going to have a blog?

We will get a feel for what you are trying to achieve after seeing your business or project material, and can assist in suggesting features.


3. We will then build the framework of the website along with the colour scheme


4. Approval of the framework and colour scheme by you.


5. Provide us with the writing content for each page. (if you have a CMS website, you can do this yourself later)


6. Finishing touches are put on the website, making sure it is working smoothly.


7. Website is uploaded to our hosting server to be viewed by you. Any modifications are made at this stage, as advised by you.


8. Final website is approved. Website is uploaded to your hosting server (or one of our web hosting plans), and 50% completion payment is made.